The site was last updated on 2021-03-01. All county, metro, and state level morbidity and mortality data are current as of 2021-02-28. ZIP code, disparity, and St. Louis hospitalization data are all current as of 2021-03-01.

Welcome to Chris Prener’s tracking site for the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in Missouri. This site is updated nightly using data from a variety of federal, state, and local data sources as well as the New York Times’ COVID-19 Project. Chris also posts Twitter threads on Tuesday and Thursday evenings breaking down current trends in Missouri. If you are new to the site, please read the About page for an overview of these data.

Chris also emails out a weekly round-up of COVID-19 trends for Missouri. These weekly newsletters, named “River City Data,” also feature some exclusive content, including short interviews with COVID-19 experts, health care providers, and others who have insight into the pandemic. Sign up below:


Chris Prener, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Saint Louis University, is the primary maintainer of this site and the data behind it. Tim Wiemken, an Associate Professor in Health and Clinical Outcomes Research and Infectious Disease at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, has contributed to both the mortality and nursing home data. He has also provided technical guidance on other aspects of the site.

In addition, Saint Louis University Computer Science majors Alvin Do, Eric Quach, and Metta Pham are all working on this site as part of the Senior Capstone project. Alvin, Eric, and Metta have contributed to building underlying data, especially ZIP code data, and are supporting the automation of web scraping. Big thanks are due to them, and to the Department of Computer Science for selecting this site for inclusion in its Senior Capstone program this year.

Daily Data

While the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County, and Kansas City provide day-by-day tracking of cumulative cases on their respective dashboards, the State of Missouri does not. The following tabs provide daily breakdowns of COVID data as well as additional statistics not included in the existing dashboards. Data are also provided for the wider St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas. Please note that the two average columns for reported cases and deaths are both seven-day rolling averages.


St. Louis Metro

City of St. Louis

St. Louis County

Kansas City Metro

Kansas City


  • The underlying data for these maps are available from GitHub in the county_full.csv, metro_full.csv, and state_full.csv tables, which are assembled from data provided by the New York Times.
  • The FAQ contains a short explanation of per-capita rates.
  • All averages presented are 7-day rolling averages.

Infection Rates by County

This map shows infections as a rate per 1,000 residents. It is important not to map the raw counts themselves, but if you want to see those data, click on a county.

Interactive Map