The goal of stlcsb is to provide access to data from the City of St. Louis Citizens’ Service Bureau (CSB), the 3-1-1 service for the City of Saint Louis. Residents can contact the number with non-emergency service requests, and the CSB will dispatch these requests to the appropriate City agency. stlcsb also includes functions for cleaning and manipulating these data.

Quick Start

If the sf package is already installed, the easiest way to get stlcsb is to install it from CRAN:

Alternatively, the development version of stlcsb can be accessed from GitHub with remotes:

Additional details, including some tips for installing sf, can be found in the Get started article.


In addition to instructions for installation, the main Get started article has:

  • some tips on installing stlcsb and its dependencies,
  • a quick overview of data acquisition,
  • an overview of the functions available in stlcsb,
  • and a full example of the stlcsb workflow along with some basic mapping of these data.

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