ar_validate executes a series of logic tests for sf object status, shared coordinates between source and target data, appropriate project, and absence of variable name conflicts.

ar_validate(source, target, varList, method = "aw", verbose = FALSE)



A sf object with data to be interpolated


A sf object that data should be interpolated to


A vector of variable names to be added to the target object


The areal interpolation method validation is being performed for. This should be set to "aw". Additional functionality will be added as the package adds new interpolation techniques.


A logical scalar; if TRUE, a tibble with test results is returned


If verbose is FALSE, a logical scalar is returned that is TRUE is all tests are passed and FALSE if one or more tests is failed. If verbose is TRUE, a tibble with detailed test results is returned.

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ar_validate(source = ar_stl_asthma, target = ar_stl_wards, varList = "ASTHMA")
#> [1] TRUE
ar_validate(source = ar_stl_asthma, target = ar_stl_wards, varList = "ASTHMA", verbose = TRUE)
#> # A tibble: 6 x 2 #> test result #> <chr> <lgl> #> 1 sf Objects TRUE #> 2 CRS Match TRUE #> 3 CRS is Planar TRUE #> 4 Variables Exist in Source TRUE #> 5 No Variable Conflicts in Target TRUE #> 6 Overall Evaluation TRUE